Antyhypertensive and hyperglucemiant agent, derived from benzothiadiazine

Specification – pharmacopeia: EP, USP

Therapeutic category: antihypoglycemic & antihypertensive

Treatment: for human applications, diazoxide is indicated in the treatment of hypertension and hypoglycemia.

Pharmacology: Diazoxide presents the antihypertensive effect through its action on the large-conductance calcium-activated potassium (KCa) channel, which relaxes the smooth muscle.
For the hyperglycemia effect, Diazoxide inhibits secretion of insulin from pancreatic beta cells, by opening potassium channels in the beta cell membrane, which allows to increase the level of glucose in blood.

Aplicación: human

CAS number: 364-98-7

Chemical formula: C8H7ClN2O2S